Growing up in a household filled with my older brother and sister, a teen-age aunt, and a younger brother with special needs, I soon discovered if I wanted any of my parents’ attention, I’d have to be creative to get it. So, I told funny stories to make them laugh. My interest in story-telling grew as I entered the wonderful world of reading and I spent much of my childhood curled up with a good book in front of a heat register in my family’s living room in Davenport, IA. Sometimes, I’d become so engrossed in a book, I wouldn’t even notice the heat vent burning my arm! But I never connected the joy of reading and telling stories with writing until my seventh grade English teacher signed me up to attend a writer’s workshop for talented writers. Just by having someone tell me I could write led to a burst of creativity during my junior high years.

My love of writing continued and when I became a middle school language arts teacher, I often found myself writing side-by-side with my students. One day after listening to my students grumble when I assigned them the task of writing a realistic fiction book, I told them I would share in their pain and attempt to write one too. And that is when Mia Fullerton was born. Even after my students’ books were graded and returned to them, I couldn’t stop writing about Mia and her friends. I combined many of my own embarrassing moments--I actually set my lab table on fire during my freshman year at my Catholic high school--with my students’ anecdotes into the fictional world of St. Hilary’s and I haven’t stopped writing since.

I currently live in Urbandale, IA with my husband, two children, and our adopted greyhound Onyx. Thank you for the interest. Please browse the site and feel free to drop me a note.